If you're a business owner or executive you already know that if you're going the log-haul successfully you can't be weighed down by stress. Unfortunately, most overwhelmed business owners and entrepreneurs make the mistake of focusing on the next promotion or venture first, but without knowing they’re digging themselves deeper into burnout and wasting months and sometimes years in therapy or looking for the next brief moment of rest.

THAT’S WHY... we’ve created an innovative program that combines both Executive Coaching and Wellness Coaching to help you learn how to build your mental hygiene practices while enhancing business acumen by focusing on YOUR wellness and professional development, so you don’t waste any more time and money trying out self-care trends and separately employing a business coach who can’t maximum ROI!

It’s called the Executive Wellness Accelerator™

Executive Wellness Coaching is a journey, not a sprint. But when you are experiencing forgetfulness, brain fog, loss of motivation, sleeplessness, overwhelm, over eating/loss of appetite, fatigue, muscle aches, etc. we need to get your stress under control.

The Executive Wellness Accelerator™ aims to help you tackle your immediate needs for rest and recharge while still meeting your goals and targets.

We will hold you accountable, ask you tough questions, introduce you to new tools and ideas so you can find the best path to stress relief and a re-ignited passion personally and professionally.

I offer these tools: The eLead Well™ system and the Phoenix-RISE Transformation Program, depends on individualized needs.

You getting the rest and relief you NEED is our #1 Priority. 

Your success, harmonious lifestyle

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The Executive Wellness Coaching program will give you...

A new view on the science of how your body really uses energy - so you can filter out misleading information and implement what is right for your body.

A framework to help you use your mind as a tool on your journey to experience full Wellbeingness - all so that you have it working for you and not against you.

All the energy that you need, both physically and emotionally, to live and perform at the highest levels of peak performance both personally & professionally.

All of the answers on how to hone the meta skills of decision making (decisive) and follow through (integrity with yourself). You'll learn how to use your brain in service to your body instead of the other way around.

Bottom Line: Together we will expand your executive functioning skills to work and live in a way that is fully in alignment with your optimal self.

Stop waiting until you need THERAPY! Get ahead of burnout so you can rest...

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